Monday, 16 September 2013

Stashalong Archive: Friday, January 05, 2007

Here are the rules:

(1) Choose a Stashalong time frame(1 month(minimum choice), 2 months, 3 months, etc). Personally, I would think about month to month--just in case :) Remember that during that time frame you will not buy any yarn(buying patterns, bags, and books are up to you)

(2) Choose some of your stash you would like to knit on during that time(maybe it's something you can finish, maybe it's for a gift or deadline or KAL).

(3) Post your start date and finish date. You could also include a picture of the yarn you'll be using and maybe some details about the pattern.

(4) Post your results at the end--did you finish it, did you crack and buy something, fill us in on your Stashalong victory!)

(5) Have fun.

OPTIONAL CHOICES(I decided during the first three months that it would have been nice to have a couple of options, but being the "follow the rules" person that I am I didn't change anything--now I can, hopefully you'll find them helpful)

Option 1: If you choose to Stashalong for 2 months or more, you can allow yourself ONE(1) day off per month for stash enhancement. The days off are not cumulative--use 'em or lose 'em.

Option 2: Post weekly triumphs or crys for help(when the call of yarn becomes too much to bear).

Option 3: Start and end anytime(within a one month minimum). You don't have to start at the beginning of a month just pick a date spanning 30 days and you're ready to roll!

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