Friday, 20 September 2013

Stashalong Archive: Newbie: KT's July Goal

Hi all - I'm new here (thanks for adding me!) and am hereby posting my goals for the month. I'm not going to join the July KAL - largely because about half of what I knit is a gift or for charity so it's not much of an incentive for me, and because I don't have a project in mind so can't take before photos.

Last night I did an inventory of the stash. Boy was that eye-opening. I have 96 full skeins and approximately 40 partial skeins (or equivalent) in my six-drawer stack. Ouch. That's a lot of yarn. It took me a while to determine what I wanted to do for my goal, but have finally come up with one that is a slight bit of a stretch but still doable:

This month (July) my goal is to use up 5 full skeins (or equivalent in partials). (Checkbook option).

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