Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stashalong Archive: Time to Knit!

Hi everyone,

I am new to the group. I have been uploading my stash to Ravelry and realized I have WAY too much yarn in my small house! So, I decided to join and knock those skeins down before those skeins knock down my house! *giggle* I have decided to go with Option 1 for the month of July and knit strictly from my stash and in the process join the July KAL.

Here are my goals for July:

* Knit the Monthly Dishcloth KALs (I have such a HUGE dishcloth stash. They knit up 2 dishcloths a month starting on the 1st and the 16th. I don't usually knit the 1st cloth of the month because I'm not big on "picture" cloth, so instead I find an older pattern off the site to knit for the 1st and then I follow their 2nd one)

* Knit the Monica Tank for my niece

* Finish knitting that same tank for her younger sister. (I needed to make some minor adjustments on the straps and weave in some elastic around the top)

* Knit a bag for my Secret Pal.

* Crochet 20% of an afghan for my parents for their Christmas gift.

* Knit a square for Rebuilding Greensburg - Block by Block

* Crochet 5 squares for the Stained Glass Afghan. The afghan required 357 squares!

I think that should all be doable in a months time, even after work cuts into my knitting time *laugh*

Friday, 25 October 2013

Stashalong Archive: Thanks

I am glad to be here working away on my stash with everyone! I'm a PhD student working on my dissertation, so knitting is a distraction I allow myself. Back in April, I decided to go on a yarn diet and only knit from my collection. I inventoried all my yarn with a 3x5 index card for each skein or group of the same color and set off knitting. In May, I knit cotton cloths and did great reducing the number of skeins and partial skeins I had. June was to be wool month. But, I sort of fell off the wagon and started knitting cloths again (there was a bit of financial motivation here) and I purchased yarn in the colors that were being requested. As part of this evolving project, I was asked to create some felted bowls to coordinate with the cloths. More yarn acquired. This yarn is not intended to stay in my stash (I prefer calling it a collection), but as of today it has not been knit up. In the spirit of full disclosure, here is a photo of the yarn I purchased in June and still have as of July 1:

I am going to use the checkbook option because I really want to reduce total number of skeins and I have plenty of projects to keep me busy for months using the yarn I have on hand. My first goal is to use five skeins in July. I know this seems like a small goal, but I have alot on my plate this month. In case you are counting, there ought to be 44 skeins in this photo.

On the needles: 1 cloth, ribby sweater
Pending arrival of beads: mystery stole 3

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Stashalong Archive: Happy Sunday!

Well, I've made it through the list of both the June and July KAL.

Congrats to all our winners for the June KAL within a KAL--see their names in the sidebar. Enjoy those Free Days whenever you choose to use them :) Make sure you let me know when you do so I can take you off the list.

July KAL within a KAL--you've got until tomorrow morning to get your goals up--I think I've already got everyone that posted so far(if not let me know).

I'm off to fix the mess that is my Mystery Stole 3 clue(I was within 1 row of being done yesterday when somehow I lost a stitch--I tried tinking back and it just kept getting worse SO I ripped the whole thing out. And to add insult to injury I was working on it on our deck with a big wind came along and blew my tiny crochet hook of the deck into a crack under the deck--never to be see again, SO I need to go shopping today for a new one before I can start again.)

Friday, 4 October 2013

Stashalong Archive: June KAL done!

Just under the wire, I have finally finished this sweater. It has fought me every inch of the way. Yes, the duplicate stitch is a little bumpy and goes all the way up to the sholder instead of stopping earlier like in the photo. And yes, it's knit with 2 noticeably different dye lots and one of the sleeves is even striped with the two slightly different blues. But it is finally finished and I want nothing more to do with it than to hand it off to Nyron and leave it up to him if he ever wants to be seen in public in it.

For the July KAL, I plan to knit a linen towel and cashmere bath mitt as part of a spa package I'm putting together for my friend's bridal shower in two weeks. No pic yet, as I haven't started it, but I'll post next weekend. Who knows, maybe I'll even be finished by then!