Friday, 25 October 2013

Stashalong Archive: Thanks

I am glad to be here working away on my stash with everyone! I'm a PhD student working on my dissertation, so knitting is a distraction I allow myself. Back in April, I decided to go on a yarn diet and only knit from my collection. I inventoried all my yarn with a 3x5 index card for each skein or group of the same color and set off knitting. In May, I knit cotton cloths and did great reducing the number of skeins and partial skeins I had. June was to be wool month. But, I sort of fell off the wagon and started knitting cloths again (there was a bit of financial motivation here) and I purchased yarn in the colors that were being requested. As part of this evolving project, I was asked to create some felted bowls to coordinate with the cloths. More yarn acquired. This yarn is not intended to stay in my stash (I prefer calling it a collection), but as of today it has not been knit up. In the spirit of full disclosure, here is a photo of the yarn I purchased in June and still have as of July 1:

I am going to use the checkbook option because I really want to reduce total number of skeins and I have plenty of projects to keep me busy for months using the yarn I have on hand. My first goal is to use five skeins in July. I know this seems like a small goal, but I have alot on my plate this month. In case you are counting, there ought to be 44 skeins in this photo.

On the needles: 1 cloth, ribby sweater
Pending arrival of beads: mystery stole 3

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