Friday, 4 October 2013

Stashalong Archive: June KAL done!

Just under the wire, I have finally finished this sweater. It has fought me every inch of the way. Yes, the duplicate stitch is a little bumpy and goes all the way up to the sholder instead of stopping earlier like in the photo. And yes, it's knit with 2 noticeably different dye lots and one of the sleeves is even striped with the two slightly different blues. But it is finally finished and I want nothing more to do with it than to hand it off to Nyron and leave it up to him if he ever wants to be seen in public in it.

For the July KAL, I plan to knit a linen towel and cashmere bath mitt as part of a spa package I'm putting together for my friend's bridal shower in two weeks. No pic yet, as I haven't started it, but I'll post next weekend. Who knows, maybe I'll even be finished by then!

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